Resolution of the Council of the International Circassian Association. Nalchik, 25.09.2010

Approving of the working plans of the Committees of ICA Executive Committee for the period till 2012

Having listened and discussed the information of the Committees leaders:

— on representation of ICA in Russian state and international organizations (Dzhikhan Dzhandemir),

— on coordination of regional public organizations of ICA activity and relations with foreign diaspora  (Kodzokov Anatoly),

— on creation of united informational space and publishing activities (Khafitse Мukhamed),

— on problems of native language study and creation of united Circassian (Adygh) alphabet (Khafitse Мukhamed),

— on creation of  resumptive history of Circassians (Adyghs) (Borov Aslan),

— on culture, education and science, youth politics, sport and tourism (Chachukh Madgid),

— on economics and  business undertakings (Bogus Adam),

— on health protection, fertility and support to Adygh having many children families (Tamazov Anatoly), ICA Board resolves:


  1. To take the information of the reporter into consideration.
  2. To approve working planes of the Committee s for the period till 2012.
  3. To inform about plans of work all public Circassian association and interested parties by distributing corresponding information on ICA site.
  4. To hear the reports of the Committees leaders about the way of planed measures realizing on the meetings of ICA Executive Committee periodically.

The President of the International Circassian Association Kanshoby Azhakhov

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