It is very sorrowful and grieved the terrorist acts taking place in native Kabardino-Balkaria for us, Circassians living in the Turkish diaspora. We observe with the concern and anxiety as the best representatives of the Circassian people, young and old people, security officials and common people, tourists, leisure tourists to the country die. And therefore the first to express condolences to relatives of those killed in acts of terrorism, deeply empathizing with their pain. We, your brothers and Circassians, always keep on eye with particular attention for all the events in Kabardino-Balkaria. We were watching with the encouragement and joy the progress in the industrial and tourism sector, achieved under the leadership of Arsen Kanokov. Instead of the expected quiet and peace, which was to bring the economic development of Kabardino-Balkaria the republic absorbed a wave of terror, and the timing for this very noteworthy. It is clear that recent events have hampered economic development, tourism, peace in the region and repatriation of the Circassians in the homeland.

Over the past 30 years we have experienced in Turkey, all the powers of terror and now, at times it is experiencing. In this connection, we can from our experiences suggest to some awful results may lead developments in the country. Our dear brothers, we should all clearly understand that terrorism is outside the bounds of humanity. Terrorism is not the price of human life. All religions, including Islam prohibits killing innocent people.

Experience shows that the fight against terrorism must be great patience. The only effective way to fight terrorism – is not afraid of him and fight against it all together. In the fight against terrorism requires that, along with determination and fair actions of the state security services, was the confidence and support of people power. The biggest disaster that could happen to the state will occur at a time when people lost faith to its security services will begin to take care of their security and to fight for justice. This disbelief can easily stir up trouble, which leads the country into the civil war. Unfortunately, we have experienced the carnage in Turkey and have paid a high price. So that you have not experienced these events, we, your brothers in Turkey, we hope that public security authorities in the near future, detaining and convicting the terrorists possess situation.

Our greatest wish is to union leadership of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, funds and people in the struggle and achieve positive results in the near future. Along with this convey to the people of Kabardino-Balkaria, a greeting from all the Circassians living in Turkey, and wish that peace and quiet reign once again in the native country.



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