Черкесы США обратились к президенту РФ Дмитрию Медведеву с просьбой помочь черкесам в Сирии

Circassian Association of California/ Adyghe Khasa
P.O. Box 1275, Stanton, CA  90680
— A Non-Profit CA Corporation –
January 10, 2012
From the United States/California Circassians (Adyghe) Diaspora to the President on the matter of the plea submitted to the President of Russia from the Syrian Circassians (Adyghe)
                                                                               To His Excellency President Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev:
Dear Mr. President,
It is with regret that this communication is more than a message of our heartfelt wish for a peaceful and blessed new year for yourself and all the Russian people.  Unfortunately, our tidings are accompanied by a most serious appeal for your assistance in the face of very ominous events affecting our Circassian brethren in Syria.
As you know, the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, with increasing loss of life and growing chaos.  Small minorities, such as the Circassians, are especially vulnerable from both sides in the hysteria of such events.  Recently, a number of Circassians in Syria have officially appealed for refuge in their historic homeland within the Russian Federation.  The Circassian Association of California/Adyghe Khasa urges you to fulfill their request and to facilitate their evacuation from Syria and their resettlement in Adyghea, Karachai-Cherkessia or Kabardino-Balkaria as soon as feasibly possible.
You may be aware that the Circassians in Syria have tragically been uprooted from their homes there before.  We must do everything in our power to minimize their trauma as they once again face the prospect of being forced to choose between their lives or their homes.  There is no more appropriate place on earth for them to rebuild their lives than in their historic homeland.  Russia is a strong, rich and respected country.  It has the ability to rather easily prevent an enormous amount of suffering for these people.
Mr. President, your attention to this matter would be tremendously appreciated by Circassians around the world.  Your quick and decisive action on this issue is perhaps one of the only things can prevent an almost certain humanitarian crisis.
The Circassian Association of California/Adyghe Khasa

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