Adiges (Circassians), adage (self-designation), azikhu (Abkhazian), kasag (Ossetic), kashag (Svanski), cherkezi (Georgian), cherkazo (Chechen), cherkesli (Karachay-Balkarian), sherkesh (nogaiskii) – ethnic society which includes modern  adigeitsev, kabardians, Circassians, are title peoples of three subjects of the Russian Federation – Adigeya Republic, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. There are distinguished other subethnic groups alongside these subethnoses: Abadzekh, besleneevtsy, bzhedugi, egerukaevtsy, mamhegi, mahoshi, natuhaevtsy, temirgoevtsy, hatukaevtsy, Shapsugs. The number in Russia — more than 700 thousand people., A large (more than 5 million) diaspora living in many countries around the world, mainly at Middle East & Wed. East — Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, as well as in Europe, USA etc.
Along with ethnic self-designation of Adygea preserved ekzoetnonim «Circassians», actually under which they were known not only in historical and ethnographic science, but in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, beginning with the XII-XIII centuries. The term «Circassian» is the unifying symbols for the numerous sub-ethnoses Adyghe and their country (in the form of Circassia), was later (1922) became the official name for a small sub-ethnic groups of Adyghe (Besleneevtsev and mainly Kabardians group who moved to the Kuban still in 1804-1822 during the Caucasian War), inhabiting the present Karachay-Cherkessia Republic.
In recent years, an increase common adyge identity. In the resettlement sites including Circassians and the diaspora community organizations operate «Adyghe Khase”. In May of 1991 was created  the International Circassian Association, which includes representatives of the Abkhaz and Abazins.
The Association adopted regional organization «Adyghe Khase” of Adygeya, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Karachay-Cherkessia Republic, Shapsugs, Moscow, Krasnodar, and Circassian (Caucasian) society in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Israel, USA, the Netherlands, Germany. Program of the Association provided for the revival of national culture, language, customs and traditions of the Circassians, Abkhaz peoples of the Caucasus, establishing close contacts with the Circassian diaspora. In the same vein, carries out its activities and Circassian (Circassian) International Academy of Sciences.

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